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The name HORTUS has two meanings. As all Latin enthusiasts will no doubt recognize, it comes directly from Latin and means “garden”. It is also conceived as a playful acronym bringing the themes of innovation together: HOUSE OF RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY UTOPIA SUSTAINABILITY

HORTUS is a radical statement in all-encompassing sustainability:
Ecology – work in a building which is built for circularity and pays back its entire energy debt within a generation. Well-being and design – feel at home in the natural HORTUS microbiome and Herzog & de Meuron’s take on the future of ecological building design.
Economy – With a lease model that is ready to move in and prioritizes access over ownership and achieves spaces savings up to 30%.


HORTUS lies at the center of a vibrant life sciences ecosystem of relevant players and talents in the life science industry. HORTUS is mid-way between Euro Airport and Basel Train station, in a triangle with Roche and Novartis Campus. All of which is in a 15-minute-radius by bike, car or public transport.

SENN, together with Swiss TPH, Bürgerspital Basel, Canton Baselland, the Community of Allschwil, Herzog & de Meuron, Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, the University of Basel Department of Biomedical Engineering, Basilea Pharmaceutical, Johnson&Johnson and other important neighboring Biotech companies@Bachgraben have one goal:

To build on the existing Biotech/Life Science Cluster in Allschwil and make BASELINK the new crystallisation point for ICT, Digital Health, Biotech and Life Science, built on top F&B and social structures, shared services and amazing architecture.

HORTUS is part of a booming life sciences cluster – in direct vicinity of Swiss TPH and the new Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.

HORTUS for rent

With the HORTUS tenant model which prioritizes access over ownership, companies can optimize their spaces and achieve space savings up to 30%

The HORTUS model bases on a ready-to-move-in fitout, with shared spaces on the floor and a common, catered ground floor, allowing access-over-ownership-efficiency and furthering interaction and collaboration between tenants.

The ready made fitout on a tenant's exclusive spaces includes:
- flooring
- walls and ceilings
- as well as lights (up to 500 lux)
- ventilation
- heating
- cooling
- acoustics
- electricity and lan (every 10m2)
- for a move-in open-space layout

Separators and office/meeting room modules fulfilling HORTUS radical sustainability standards (rammed earth, isofloc, wood) are bought à la carte or made part of the lease.

HORTUS offers redundant, battery-operated electrical system for emergency operation including cooling.

Shared spaces on the floor are sustainably furnished and operated: HORTUS offers fully equipped and furnished lounge and common areas, kitchens, meeting rooms and bunks, showers and toilet facilities, which can reduce the tenants own rental space. The working lounge covering the entire ground floor of HORTUS offers concentrated and relaxed work, lunch and leisure: furnished, catered and operated without the obligation to consume.
AND: If additional meeting rooms are needed or a big event is planned, the fully furnished rooms on the ground floor can be rented per hour.

Facts and Figures

Here you can download all important documents about the HORTUS. And if not, we are happy to answer your questions personally: Nuria Caceres, nca@senn.com



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