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6 Positives

The 6 Positives: from negative to zero, to positive.
Diagramm 6 Positives
  • Resource Positive

    Gray energy – the ecological mortgage of any building: In the construction of Hortus, no more resources will be wasted/used than necessary, relying as much as possible on renewable or recycled building materials and planning cycles ahead.

  • Energy Positive

    A good house is a positive house. In order to be able to amortize the grey construction energy of a building, it must itself be a power plant: consume little energy and produce a lot, then the grey construction energy can be amortized in a statistical generation.

  • Community Positive

    SENN operates out of a love of place and people. Living ecosystems with clear positioning, with points of interest, high quality of work and life, and access to industry-specific talent pools are also the success factors with a future in the HORTUS. And they all point in one direction: Commercial real estate must be positioned, clustered and curated. Ecosystems in the surrounding area play a decisive role and must be activated so that a community can also develop in the property itself.

  • Human Positive

    Here, the focus is on people: their health, the comfort surrounding them and the quality of their stay are optimized for them, but also for other living creatures – indoors and outdoors and also with a view to promoting biodiversity.

  • Business Positive

    At Business Positive, the focus is on spaces that can be successfully managed for the benefit of the community, where users can optimally integrate their workflows and continue to optimize them years later, anticipating the changing needs of the market. Variability and programmability of spaces beyond the initial lease is the stated objective.

  • Investment Positive

    The goal of every investor: real estate that is designed for the greatest flexibility, the lowest life cycle costs, and a sustainable return on investment.