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Anticipating Aesthetics

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“We have to be able to give everything we make and everything we do a sustainable beauty that is also our own. That's a challenge, but also an incredibly appealing idea, because that will create a new aesthetic in this world.” Jacques Herzog

The built environment contributes significantly

_to the functionality and aesthetics of our cities
_to individual, corporate and public budgets
_to the energy and carbon footprint of society
_to the way we live today and will live in the future

© Herzog & de Meuron

Radical sustainability means having the courage to look these challenges in the eye, and taking them on with a focus on the long-term implications of today's decisions.

A building driven by sustainability and functional goals does not mean the design aspect has been left unattended. Herzog & de Meuron have taken on the challenge of turning the development process on it’s head, and design a building with inviting, healthy and well-structured spaces. They have exploited the possibilities created by reimagined constructive solutions to achieve a uniquely warm office atmosphere that one is unlikely to find elsewhere.

© Herzog & de Meuron

The HORTUS shows that sustainability goals not only create a coherent picture in terms of calculations, but also in terms of design. Right down to the last partition.