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Dust to Dust

  • #ResourcePositive

“Sustainable building is easy,” engineer Nico Ros says, “you just have to look to the Middle Ages.”

For sustainable building, one only has to look to the Middle Ages, it says at the beginning of this text. That applies to the building material and, to a certain extent, also to the construction. But the collaboration with the two start-ups shows: If you really want to build sustainably, you have to bring craftsmanship and high-tech together in the right balance.

In a few weeks, the basic design idea was developed: a column-frame structure made of wood with as little glue as possible, with spruce beams and clay vaults, above which solid wood panels, sand fill and oak planks. Nico Ros says, "Unlike usual, the design here ran from material to construction to house. If you really want to build sustainably, this is the right sequence."

Spectral planning is applied by ZPF engineers in the HORTUS project.