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Earth and Fire

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The potential of rammed earth is enormous.

In timber construction, everyone is looking for “mass” both for fire protection and as thermal mass for anticyclical heat storage. Pouring concrete into lignature ceilings is a poor solution.

Rammed Earth, on the other hand, is an ecological and easily available alternative as ist allows the direct reuse of the earth from the adjacent excavation pit and reduces transportation costs and emissions.

In addition, rammed earth stores the excessive air moisture that the wood cannot absorb itself, it regulates temperature by absorbing and realeasing heat, insulates against air and structure-borne noise, and is even said to have an antiseptic effect.

A ceiling element ist filled with rammed earth.
© Lehm Ton Erde
Fire protection test of the mock-up in Linz
@ Lehm Ton Erde
Result of the fire protection test
© Lehm Ton Erde