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A hortus “conclusus” at the Heart of the HORTUS building

The target habitats and species for the courtyard were determined based on an analysis of the ecosystems, habitat types, and species in the surrounding area.

In centuries past, a “hortus conlcusus” was a secluded garden, usually built for relaxation and for horticultural, amorous or other experiments. At HORTUS, the courtyard is (semi-) public and like the rest of HORTUS was also developed in reverse: The focus was not on the design concept, but on sustainable construction, biodiversity and climatic and mental well-being of people working in the building.

Vertical greenery along the facades will show birds and insects the way out of the courtyard. The habitats for the courtyard were defined with consideration of the surrounding ecosystems and their species. The result is a lush “wilderness” with water features that not only regulates climate and natural light inside the building, but moreover, the accumulation of rainwater.

A quality of life for fauna and flora and quality of work for all HORTUS tenants, because in the increasingly hot summer every employee accepts the cooling effect of up to 3 degrees Celsius, which is generated by the seasonal greenery and the pond.