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Integrated Interiors

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HORTUS is holistic: There is no core and shell – tenants are moving into ready-made spaces equipped with flooring, walling and other necessary infrastructure designed by Herzog & de Meuron to uphold the sustainability standards of HORTUS. What HORTUS does in terms of sustainability cannot not be ruined by run-of-the-mill metal/plastic/compound office fittings.

In principle, the HORTUS is rented fully developed, including electrical connections, ventilation (heating, cooling, humidification) and lighting. In order to be able to consider the individual wishes of the tenants according to sustainable aspects, a development catalogue is drafted. Beyond that, furnishing and decoration is at the tenant's discretion.

Mycelium (filamentous cells of a fungus) is tested as material.

Everything we have taken into account and achieved so far in terms of sustainability should not be ruined by a few walls.

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