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Liebe zum Ort – amor loci

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The SENN maxim is to develop all our projects out of love for a certain location and its inhabitants. While German “Liebe zum Ort”, doesn't translate well into English, we find Latin does a better job: amor loci.

Our mantra “Liebe zum Ort” means wie leave the places in our path better than we found them. The focus lies on adding value to a place after every architectural and structural intervention in a broad sustainable sense.

  • senn.com/news/vom-familienunternehmen-zur-unternehmens-familie

SENN ist composed of individuel parts that interact in the planning and construction process. Our companies are shaped by digitalization and the main focus on sustainability.

The park of the BaseLink continues in the inner courtyard of the HORTUS - even more radical, even more biodiverse.

It is becoming increasingly important to think about the place where you are building, to involve users and neighbors, and to think about the needs of tomorrow.

HORTUS is located at Baselink areal in close distance to the city centre.